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Our highly innovative rubber gaskets are used in a wide range of industries. Prominent manufacturers of doors, windows and facades rely on our expertise as the European market leader. Our customers have valued our expertise and reliable sealing products for over 190 years. Semperit products are synonymous with quality, whether they are used in filter technology, lamps for indoor and outdoor use, household appliances, enclosures for various types of electrical components, cable sheathing or insulating hoses.

Building Infrastructure

Gaskets play a crucial role in the planning and construction of buildings. Our gaskets are easy to install, only release a minimal amount of emissions and meet the highest industry sealing requirements.

Chemical and Machinery Industry

For the chemical and machinery industry, we offer sealing solutions for filling plants and a variety of pipe systems for liquids.

Construction Industry

Safety, reliability and effective sealing are the key success factors of our products for the construction industry.

Electrical Engineering

Our products can be used safely and reliably in a range of electrical applications.

Household Industry

Our customized solutions and products for the household industry deliver high product reliability and service life.

Marine Industry

Our innovative products and materials enhance performance in the marine industry. Thanks to our outstanding materials expertise, we develop customized products that meet fire protection and seawater resistance requirements.

packaging container

Packaging Industry

Our gaskets and frames assure the safety of industrial packaging.

Renewable Energy & Power Generation

We develop sustainable gaskets and sheeting solutions for alternative energy providers and therefore play an important part in safeguarding the future of our planet.

Transport Industry

On the road, on the rails, in classic combustion or electrically powered vehicles – our innovative products are widely used in almost all transport disciplines.

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