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Construction Industry

The construction industry is an important pillar of our Group’s offerings. We offer a wide range of standard products for this sector as well as innovative customized solutions which meet highly complex customer requirements.


Gaskets and frames for the construction industry

Creating effective gaskets may sound easy but it is actually highly challenging. The main task of a gasket is to provide an effective seal between the glass pane and the window/facade profile. But they also reliably compensate for component tolerances caused by manufacturing fluctuations. Semperit gaskets ensure facades reliably withstand thermal changes and weather influences such as wind pressure and suction. This is due to the excellent material properties of the EPDM rubber used in this application.

We developed the Semperit frame gasket to enable simple and quick installation of window gaskets. A sealing frame can be quickly installed in just a few steps. Our gaskets come as either a soft rubber seal or a foam rubber seal.

Doors & Gates

Gaskets used in doors and gates need to have properties such as permanent elasticity and a tight fit into the installation groove. They should also minimize noise during the opening and closing of the doors.. The special surface treatments we use ensure our door gaskets easily meet these requirements. We subject our gaskets to thorough hardness tests and continuous cycle tests to make sure they meet our high quality standards.

Semperit smoke and fire protection gaskets are ideal for safety components that protect against smoke and fire. Here too, our customers benefit from our many years of experience in the rubber field since we can provide customized geometries and the optimum compound for the required application.


Sustainable facade solutions play a crucial role in combating climate change. Semperit facade seals are an environmentally friendly solution that have proven their worth time and again.. We supply our customers with a wide range of sealing profiles. We use the best possible manufacturing techniques for system providers and component manufacturers and use smart strategies and technologies to optimize assembly times and costs. This is what has made us the go-to partner for the facade industry.


Skylights & Roof Windows

Our sealing profiles are used for various indoor and outdoor lamps, and for skylights.


Almost 200 years of experience in processing rubber products enable us to offer our customers ideal customised solutions when it comes to gasket design and geometry. Thanks to our in-house materials development expertise, we can also provide the best materials for every application.

Combining different materials in one gasket makes it possible to meet both static and dynamic requirements. The soundproofing and thermal insulating properties of our gaskets are essential for optimizing window and facade systems and are important in ensuring the windows comply with thermal insulation regulations.

Our innovative, high insulating centre gaskets are leading the way in optimizing the insulating properties of window and facade systems. We work closely with our partners to continuously improve them. We want to be prepared for tomorrow’s requirements today – from thermal insulation in winter to air conditioning in summer.

Semperit not only offers high-quality sealing solutions for plastics applications but also for wooden and wooden aluminum windows. We provide solutions for installations in vertical facades and on roofs. Our window gaskets are easy and economical to install, and our durable EPDM material meets all the requirements that ensure the windows will last a lifetime.




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