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Finite Element Analysis

As a result of FE simulations, systematic analyses of the production process chain and factoring in material deformations , surface optimization is achieved by the improved component properties. We continually review the measurement results of the different simulation models and then develop components and optimize the process chain based on these results.

We produce prototypes for customers who have complex seal geometry requirements, which means it may not be necessary to build a model tool during the development phase. Before being approved for production, the initial sealing profiles are tested in the Semperit test center to make sure they meet the current standards for practical applications.

Innovation with tradition

Ongoing development of products and continuing optimization of production are top priorities at Semperit. All our research and development centers and our many R&D partners worldwide act as think tanks for processes in all product areas, encouraging the constant sharing of experiences and ideas, which are fed back directly to our production areas and the market. With today’s innovations, Semperit is laying the foundation for tomorrow’s success.


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