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Weldable gasket

Continuous innovation through research and development

The key advantages of our weldable EPDM gasket are the high-quality sealing corner and easy process handling. Compared to other available solutions, there is no need to cure the joint and it features a closed corner with flexible sealing lips. Both aspects guarantee an outstanding, durable seal and low clamping force.

Our weldable gasket combines the material benefits of EPDM with efficient processing. It can be welded to the PVC profile sections in a single process step using commercially available machines from renowned manufacturers. This process has been thoroughly tested, so no expensive investments are necessary.

Extrusion in a salt bath at 250 °C guarantees that the product innovation is still EPDM. This fact ensures the outstanding physical and chemical properties of the weldable gasket. The results of two scientific studies carried out by renowned independent institutes verify that high-quality EPDM gaskets feature high elasticity and long-term stability in all sealing layers.

With its weldable gasket, Semperit has successfully redirected the sealing market and opened up new possibilities in window construction – an advance the industry has been waiting for.


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