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Windows & Skylights

Windows and doors define the facade of our houses. Whether new buildings, old buildings, low-energy and passive houses – we offer smart products for the buildings of tomorrow.

Today’s high-quality windows must have many properties. In addition to meeting aesthetic requirements, they must be resistant to wind, rain and fire, provide an effective seal, and insulate against sound and heat in order to make a valuable contribution to energy optimization.

Our sealing profiles play an important role here. Individually developed EPDM compounds for different types of applications guarantee maximum functionality and durability.

How our innovations benefit our customers

  • Optimized window construction without a weld seam and no manual reworking
  • One seal geometry for all three applications:
  1. Outside glazing gasket
  2. Inside frame gasket
  3. Inside lip seal

Thanks to our considerable expertise in sealing technology and close partnerships with our industrial partners, we have achieved the highest level of innovative strength. We work closely with our customers to continually develop our products. We lead the way in the European marketplace which makes us the go-to partner for sealing solutions.


Semperit EPDM rubber gaskets

Our specially developed cross-sectional profiles mean we can offer customized window gaskets for every type of window, which offer durable protection between adjacent components, frames and shutters.

Semperit profiles are not only DIN EN 12365 and GOST certified, they also meet the highest standards in terms of permanent elasticity, resilience, ozone resistance, durability, longevity and functionality.

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